Wordful Wednesday–Ozzley The Awkward Flamingo


   There once was a flamingo named Ozzley, Ozzley was an awkward flamingo. He walked crooked, and gave the most horrible squawk imaginable. All of the other Flamingos were graceful, and made a beautiful chirp. Ozzley then decided he would set out on a quest to figure out who he was.


   Along the way, Ozzley spotted a bird. The bird flew from tree to tree, and Ozzley was thinking “I wonder if I can do that!”. So Ozzley found a big rock and decided to try it, He jumped and CRASH! Poor Ozzley Couldn’t fly, and so he cried.


   When Ozzley got up and looked some more, he saw a couple of ducks swimming around in a lake. Once again Ozzley thought to himself “I wonder if I could do that!”. So Ozzley found the deep end of the lake.  SPLASH! Once he jumped in, he knew it wasn’t for him. He went onto shore, and cried some more for he would never find who he really was. 


   All of a sudden he heard a sound, what was that sound? It was Growley, Snarly, and deep. Ozzley knew that he was in trouble, he started to get up and a mighty lion jumped out in front of him! Ozzley ran and ran and ran, until he couldn’t run anymore. Then he closed his eyes, turned around and waited for his horrible fate to be fulfilled. But it never was, he slowly opened his eyes and nobody was there! He knew he was wrong, he was made to run! 


The End


  1. What a great story! Amazing job, Krystal!

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