Simple Saturday | Gallery Dump!

This…this is hard to explain. Let’s just say that I was messing around on Polyvore, and I may or may not have accidentally-on-purpose created some sort of demented transgender Ken Barbie doll thingy.   This Dracula was downloaded to my PC when I wanted to edit my face on there for Halloween. Annnnd….my dream came true. Heh. Sorry you had to see this. You know what? NO! I’m not sorry, and I don’t have to be! Because I’m your president, {Read More}

How To Design and Build Original Minecraft Houses | Part 1

In Minecraft, you don’t want to have some generic old house that everybody has. It’s one thing to copy a pallet, but a frame is not good for copying, especially when you’re copying a generated structure.   While this is cuter than the average villager hut, it still is way to generic. To prove that it’s possible to make an epic build with a generated pallet, we’re going to build a house with this common pallet. The first thing you {Read More}

MineCraft: Copying A Build’s Style Using Patterns, Pallets, and Climate

Learning how to make Minecraft builds like the pros, and find your building style is very important in Minecraft. Unless, of course, you prefer to build the classic dirt shack until you can make an ugly diamond & emerald mansion. Ick.    I mean, seriously, do you really want to live in this monstrosity? Just building this made me feel like a serious noob. I attempted to make the house look decent by adding the windows and an overhang to the roof, {Read More}

The Simple Rule For Creating A Style

                                                               Having a perfect outfit ready for you isn’t the way to go. What needs to happen is for you to have a rule, or a template, and I’m here to help make that happen.                 Step 1: Choose a color from black, white, {Read More}

Creating the Perfect Outfit

Whether you’re going to a party, work, or just staying at home, having a good outfit is always crucial. There are many different style for many different types of places. Creating the Perfect Outfit is always important, wherever you are. Casual: When you’re just going to walmart, or lounging around the house, a casual but cute outfit is always nice. Fancy: Going to a party is always a big time for dressing up, and you have got to look your {Read More}

Quick and Easy 5 Minute Truffles

Need to whip up a quick dessert! We’ve got your back! Here’s a quick recipe for some yummy 5 minute truffles. What you need 2 squares of chocolate almond bark Marshmallows 1 microwave safe dish What you do Melt the chocolate almond bark in the microwave for 60 seconds Roll the marshmallows in the melted chocolate Idea:Roll in graham crackers to make a s’more truffle Here’s a special printable recipe card! Hope you enjoy!    

Cupcake Baking With Emotion

Have you ever heard that baking can help you work through emotions? It’s true! Based off of the way you make them, it really CAN help! This is a guide to figuring out how to morph your baking and emotional lives. I present to you..Cupcake Baking With Emotion. Emotional cupcakes come in many colors, sizes, shapes, and flavors. Here are a few ideas for different emotions. Feeling bored? Try making something a bit more plain but just as tasteful. How about {Read More}

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