MineCraft: Copying A Build’s Style Using Patterns, Pallets, and Climate

Learning how to make Minecraft builds like the pros, and find your building style is very important in Minecraft. Unless, of course, you prefer to build the classic dirt shack until you can make an ugly diamond & emerald mansion. Ick.    I mean, seriously, do you really want to live in this monstrosity? Just building this made me feel like a serious noob. I attempted to make the house look decent by adding the windows and an overhang to the roof, {Read More}

DIY Stained Glass Vase

Hello everybody! So today I am going to show you how to turn that boring old glass vase, into a full of color stained glass vase!  I find this DIY as a very creative way to match any color theme, or to make the room a little more fun!  This DIY only costs about $3 – $5 depending on where you are located. What You Will Need: A Glass Vase Tissue Paper Mod Podge (Gloss For Best Effect) 1 Foam Paint {Read More}

Cupcake Baking With Emotion

Have you ever heard that baking can help you work through emotions? It’s true! Based off of the way you make them, it really CAN help! This is a guide to figuring out how to morph your baking and emotional lives. I present to you..Cupcake Baking With Emotion. Emotional cupcakes come in many colors, sizes, shapes, and flavors. Here are a few ideas for different emotions. Feeling bored? Try making something a bit more plain but just as tasteful. How about {Read More}

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