Simple Saturday | Gallery Dump!

This…this is hard to explain. Let’s just say that I was messing around on Polyvore, and I may or may not have accidentally-on-purpose created some sort of demented transgender Ken Barbie doll thingy.   This Dracula was downloaded to my PC when I wanted to edit my face on there for Halloween. Annnnd….my dream came true. Heh. Sorry you had to see this. You know what? NO! I’m not sorry, and I don’t have to be! Because I’m your president, {Read More}

How To Design and Build Original Minecraft Houses | Part 1

In Minecraft, you don’t want to have some generic old house that everybody has. It’s one thing to copy a pallet, but a frame is not good for copying, especially when you’re copying a generated structure.   While this is cuter than the average villager hut, it still is way to generic. To prove that it’s possible to make an epic build with a generated pallet, we’re going to build a house with this common pallet. The first thing you {Read More}

Creating the Perfect Outfit

Whether you’re going to a party, work, or just staying at home, having a good outfit is always crucial. There are many different style for many different types of places. Creating the Perfect Outfit is always important, wherever you are. Casual: When you’re just going to walmart, or lounging around the house, a casual but cute outfit is always nice. Fancy: Going to a party is always a big time for dressing up, and you have got to look your {Read More}

Wordful Wednesday–Ozzley The Awkward Flamingo

   There once was a flamingo named Ozzley, Ozzley was an awkward flamingo. He walked crooked, and gave the most horrible squawk imaginable. All of the other Flamingos were graceful, and made a beautiful chirp. Ozzley then decided he would set out on a quest to figure out who he was.      Along the way, Ozzley spotted a bird. The bird flew from tree to tree, and Ozzley was thinking “I wonder if I can do that!”. So Ozzley {Read More}

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