MineCraft: Copying A Build’s Style Using Patterns, Pallets, and Climate

Learning how to make Minecraft builds like the pros, and find your building style is very important in Minecraft. Unless, of course, you prefer to build the classic dirt shack until you can make an ugly diamond & emerald mansion. Ick. 



I mean, seriously, do you really want to live in this monstrosity? Just building this made me feel like a serious noob. I attempted to make the house look decent by adding the windows and an overhang to the roof, but this just…no. Just no. The only blocks here that should EVER be used in a house are the iron trap doors and the iron door. Iron is too griddy, as is every gem block besides lapis. But lapis is an odd shade of blue you would never see on an exterior of a house. These blocks were added as a way of easy storage. If you want to build with them, build a throne or a treasure room! But not a HOUSE! Houses need wood! Cobblestone! Maybe some clay! But never, EVER use gem blocks for a house. That’s such a rookie mistake.


Picture Credit: Jarid Gaming

I found this awesome Minecraft house on google. The first thing I did was clear my land, because I didn’t want to live in a tree. When you have found the area you want for your house, collect your supplies. When you’re ready to build, look closely at the image and find the lowest point of the front. For this example, that would be the glass entrance. Copy the front of the picture pretty closely, making changes as you go along to fit the area. 


By now, you probably have all of your needed materials. Check out what’s in your inventory. This is your pallet. 


Notice how 4 key parts of the build are used consistently. The wooden beams, the windows, the buttons, and the stairs at the bottom are used everywhere. Complete the shape of your house, and use your pattern and pallet throughout the build.


PicMonkey Collage

Here we go! This is the finished house I came up with.  What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to send me what you can come up with, it just might get featured on the blog!


 A good build needs to be invented by you. Buuuut, I’m gonna use a picture.“-Krystal Ann


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