This is a quick and easy tutorial on creating your style, and making it based around your favorite colors and accessories.

The Simple Rule For Creating A Style



             Having a perfect outfit ready for you isn’t the way to go. What needs to happen is for you to have a rule, or a template, and I’m here to help make that happen. 



             Step 1: Choose a color from black, white, gray, or any mixes of colors in that category. Pick two clothing items ; One that is a main piece of the outfit, and one that is still important, but not as vital. In this example, I chose a sweater for the main part, and a cute shoe for the part that’s not as vital.



                   Step 2: Pick whatever color you would like, and follow the same rule as before: One vital piece, one less important piece. In this example, I have added a green skirt to the outfit for the vital piece. My less vital piece was the cute jade necklace.


                  Step 3: Time to summon reinforcements! Search up a simple color wheel, and find your color you chose in step two. Now you have to find it’s complimentary colors. This is done by checking what color is directly across from your originally chosen one. Let’s see, I chose green. Right across from it is pink and red. Let’s incorporate that into our outfit and see how it looks.


                    Step 4: Add your color in. Not wanting to go overboard, I just added some cute pink lipstick. You could also add in some pink eye shadow. I decided against adding pink jewelry, because that would contrast with the necklace, and not in a good way.

PicMonkey Image

                   Step 5: Try on your outfit. Do you love it, do you hate it, could you add some revisions? If you can’t tell, try texting a quick pic to a friend or two and see what they think.


                  If you want to create some outfits ahead of time, you can try a pretty cool website for it here. Be sure to check out some of my outfits I’ve created on my account here.

               If you made an outfit of your own, please send me a link to it in the comments below, I’d love to see it! If you have any ideas or revisions to this post, let me know in the comments below!

               Have a great day wherever you are!





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